CHIM International provides the very best in Revenue Cycle Management and Health Information Management services. Our expertly trained, Single-Path Coders strive for a 98% accuracy rating to ensure that our clients receive precise and appropriate reimbursement.

Our Process For Successs

CHIM makes the transition easier by beginning with small steps. We start with a specific service line or specialty rather than taking a “big bang” approach. This allows the transition team and coders to take a more meticulous approach to the change which helps maintain, both, momentum and motivation.

The 3 Keys to a Successful Transition


The right staffing, organizational structure, and culture.


Identifying vision and goals, conducting proper training, revitalization, establishing policies and procedures.


Customizing systems, process augmentation and data-driven decision making.

Finding the Right Team

Finding coding professionals with the right experience and skill sets is one of the greatest obstacles to successfully transitioning to single-path coding. Thus, CHIM’s first step will be to conduct a gap analysis of current skills, the findings of which are leveraged to design training programs that address any shortfalls.

Defining the Process

A complete workflow analysis will be conducted. This analysis includes understanding the coding process as it really is, how coding works with other departments, and the impact coding outcomes have on various operational aspects as part of the implementation process

Implementing the Right Technology

Technology is a critical aspect to any single-path coding program. As such, CHIM is a partner to our clients in a way that is engaging and works as an extension of the project team, not just as a vendor. Doing so provides a solid foundation upon which technology decisions can be made.

Our Services

Remote Coding & Billing

CHIM provides coding and billing solutions on both a short term and a long term basis. If you have a pressing need to reduce backlogs, we assemble a team that will accomplish that goal in the shortest possible time. Longer-term, CHIM can reduce your costs and increases your coding and billing quality and productivity by putting in place the optimum number of highly trained coding and billing professionals required to get the job done.

Health Education

CHIM’s coders strive to be the best-trained professionals in the industry. Our second to none education programs offer intensive hands-on certified coding courses taught by industry credentialed experts. We offer certification programs for coders new to health information management as well as on-going training for our already experienced staff.

Appeals & Denials Management

A critical component of the revenue cycle process is effectively handling denial management and appeals. The first step in optimizing this area is to prevent as many denials as possible. Our topflight coders, along with our overall initial assessment and audits, significantly reduce the amount of denied claims for our clients. 

Clinical Documentation Improvement

CHIM International provides a complete clinical documentation improvement solution to ensure that compliance with proper coding and documentation protocols and best standards are in place. Our clinical approach to documentation improvement increases reporting of the actual severity of patients and ensures that medical necessity is met on an upfront, concurrent, and on-going basis.

Want a full list of our servies?

Click the button below to download a PDF document of the full list of CHIM International’s services along with descriptions of what you can expect from each item.

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