Single-Path Coding Initiative

With the right technology and processes in place, organizations can achieve One Workflow, One Click Coding, One Coding Session, and Compliant Billing.

One Workflow

We can achieve one workflow with diagnosis and procedure coding for facility and professional fee services being performed at the same time.

One Click Coding

We can achieve one click coding for outpatient facility, professional services or even both.

One Coding Session

Wit one coding session, we can make outpatient facility and professional content available in a single coding workflow.

With Single-Path Coding you can...

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate Duplicate Processes

Eradicate Discrepancies

Increase Accuracy and Productivity

Decrease Denials

Reduce Costs

Accelerate Reconciliation

Scale Resources with DNF Changes

Making the change...

Transitioning to a single path model is not an easy task. CHIM helps make the transition easier by making small changes over time rather than taking a “big bang” approach. This helps the transition team and coders take a more meticulous approach which helps maintain both momentum and motivation. 

For a successful transition, we focus on 3 key factors:

  1. People – the right staffing, organizational structure, and culture
  2. Process – Identifying your vision and goals, conducting the necessary training, and establishing policies and procedures
  3. Technology – Customizing systems and  augmenting processes via data-driven decision making 

The Right Team

Finding the right coding professionals with the right experience and skill sets is one of the greatest obstacles when starting a successful transition to Single-Path Coding. That is why CHIM’s first step will be to conduct a gap analysis of of your team’s current skills. We will then use these findings to design a training program specific to your team to address any shortfalls. 

Defining the Process

CHIM’s team will work with you to create an effective single-path workflow which is crutial in ensuring a smooth transition. We will map out your current coding processes by chart type to identify where facility and professional fee coding workflows overlap. These overlapping areas are were we will combine steps with minimal impact to your current coding processes. 

CHIM will conduct a workflow analysis and take into account any prior evaluation performed on our clients coding professionals’ proficiencies to further refine decisions around training. This analysis will also provide valuable insight into how far we can consolidate the current coding process.

The Right Technology

Technology is a critical aspect to any single-path coding program. As such, CHIM is a true partner to our clients in a way that is engaging and works as an extension of the project team, not just a vendor. In doing so, CHIM is able to provide a solid foundation upon which technology decisions can be made.